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Design for Print

Our field of expertise is primarily in design for print. Be it a 40 page brochure, a tri-fold leaflet or business stationery, we know all there is to know about designing and preparing a document for print, to achieve a professional look and feel. We also design for exhibitions, signage, vehicles and large scale posters, always ensuring the highest quality is achieved and using the best companies and their expertise for the production.

Design for Branding

At Tatcho we love to meet our clients and find out exactly what makes them tick, what makes them unique, and then transfer that into designing a brand for them that shows off their uniqueness! The most important thing for us is to really listen and understand what a logo needs to do for that client, considering where it will appear and the overall style of a brand that will incorporate that logo.

Design for Screen

We are not web designers. There, it’s been said! However, we know about the complexities of designing for screen, and while we don’t do the layout design of a website (we are, after all, specialists in print) we do create the content. Often after a brand is established a client will need a web and social media presence. We offer a service that covers all aspects and use web designers if that is required.

Corporate Literature
Maps and Plans
Book Covers
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