About Us

Tatcho is a small graphic design company based in West Cornwall.

Our services include logo design, stationery, leaflets, brochures, adverts, sales literature, signage, posters and content for screen. We also provide stylised floor plans for property brochures and sales, location maps and site plans.

We pride ourselves in maintaining an efficient, quality driven service, with a friendly, approachable yet professional attitude to our work. We are reliable and consistent and always strive to deliver on or before a deadline. We’ve not been late yet!


When a customer first makes contact, their first question is almost always ‘how much will it cost?’. It’s not always easy to answer that question straight away, we usually have some questions of our own. We need to know as much about the project as possible – for example is it just a logo tweak or a full re-brand? Is the logo just to go on a business card or is it required to appear on lots of different applications (hoardings, websites, vehicle livery, stationery, leaflets etc).

We will price jobs entirely depending on the brief, sometimes using an hourly rate pricing structure, or sometimes the client prefers a fixed price, so they know where they are at and can budget accordingly. Sometimes a client has a budget in mind, and we can work to that budget and are clear at the start of the project what that budget will pay for! Of course the more information we have the more accurate we can be, and if our customer has a set budget in mind, we can indicate how we can proceed adhering to that.

Communication is key and throughout a project we liaise continuously with the client, providing updates and keeping the client advised at all times on the progress of their work. Any amendments and changes are dealt with in a professional manner (we don’t take anything personally!), until the client is satisfied. If required, print files are then produced and we will find the right printer for the job, or liaise with a printer chosen by the client if preferred. Alternatively print files are supplied to the client for them to liaise directly with a printer.

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